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Gas Market Overview

Gas is a key energy resource for Singapore. About 95 per cent of electricity is generated using natural gas here. To ensure a competitive electricity market, the gas industry has been restructured since 2008.

The gas carrier and owner of both the town gas and natural gas pipelines in Singapore is PowerGas, a subsidiary of Singapore Power Group. Through its gas pipes, it is in charge of delivering both town gas and natural gas to users who purchase gas through gas shippers and retailers. While natural gas is imported from other nations by means of authorised gas importers, town gas is produced by City Energy Pte Ltd.

In order to guarantee the dependability of Singapore’s energy supply, EMA plans for Singapore’s gas network in a forward-looking manner and keeps an eye on how the natural gas transmission network is evolving.


EMA and PowerGas collaborate closely to analyse the annual natural gas transmission network plan. In the west is where most of the current transmission network is located.

For additional information on applications for gas supply and pipeline capacity, please contact a licenced gas shipper from this list. The shipper can assist you in approaching PowerGas about booking pipeline capacity in compliance with the Gas Network Code. For general inquiries, please contact ema_rd_gpid@ema.gov.sg.


Liquefied Natural Gas

Historically, the majority of Singapore’s natural gas has been imported via pipelines from Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore began importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in May 2013 in order to diversify and safeguard its energy supplies.


LNG, a type of natural gas that can be de

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