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Looking for a hosting provider that will keep your personal information safe from prying eyes? There can be several reasons why you might be searching for anonymous hosting.

Searching for a hosting company that will protect your private data from prying eyes? You may be looking for anonymous hosting for a variety of reasons.

When registering for anonymous hosting, no personal information is needed. For even more privacy, some even accept cryptocurrency payments.


So, take into account anonymous hosting if you want to run an adult website, simply keep your anonymity online, or even avoid persecution in your nation. And best of all, there are several dependable hosting companies out there who can fulfil your needs for anonymity online, whether it’s a matter of preference or necessity.


Why do you need anonymous website hosting?

100% anonymous hosting guarantees that no data you use is linked back to you. So why would somebody need that?

Well, there are actually a few reasons:

  • You might simply want to conceal your identity online. Anonymous hosting allows you to either register with fake or doesn’t require any personal data at all. This means that your personal information will not be publicly available in widely accessible archives like domain registrars.
  • You’re trying to lessen risks related to your occupation. Maybe you’re a journalist covering sensitive topics or a refugee sharing your stories online, anonymous hosting is your best bet in concealing your identity and reducing any potential risks to your person.
  • Need for offshore hosting. More often than not, it’s hosted offshore. This means that local or even certain international-based authorities won’t be able to get to your site – access the data stored on it or track the server back to you.
  • One of the most affordable suppliers of anonymous hosting is Hostinger. There are several ways for you to remain anonymous online, so it doesn’t compromise performance or the safety of your identity.


Anonymous hosting features: Hostinger has quite a few anonymous hosting-related features to offer. First, the provider allows you to pay using Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies, which means your payment cannot be traced back to you, so your identity will remain unknown. Second, it does not ask to confirm your identity at any point. All you’ll need to register is an email address and a password. More so, Hostinger has its own data centers with multiple levels of protection so that your information is safe. Lastly, while not free, it also offers domain privacy for an additional $5/year.

Performance: Hostinger does not compromise in terms of performance. In 2 months of testing, it kept a perfect 100% uptime with an avg. 511ms response time. Plus the site loading time was extra speedy – just 0.9s.

Pricing: The provider offers a very simple pricing structure – you can choose from 2 shared and 1 cloud plan. The prices start at as low as $2.69/mo with a 4-year billing cycle. On top of that, there’s a standard 30-day money-back guarantee to make use of.

Hostinger is the overall best web hosting provider for high anonymity. It can protect your identity by accepting cryptocurrency payments, not asking for identity verification, and offering domain privacy protection. Moreover, the prices are low, and the performance is close to pe

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